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Meet Our Team

Orlando Arreygue C.M.T. R.Y.T

Orlando Arreygue, a world class massage therapist, has been practicing massage since 2003. Orlando has owned and managed wellness centers in Modesto and the Bay Area. During this time, Orlando has picked up tools to help people manage their lives and helped countless people live more happier, cleaner, pain free life. He personalizes a plan to help you see a clear path to wellness. From customized meditations and personalized yoga sessions, to helping change the way you eat by accompanied grocery store trips. Orlando loves what he does and is ready to utilize his knowledge base and connections in the industry to help you and your business thrive.

Chris Eaton C.M.T.

Chris Eaton discovered his passion for massage therapy, wellness, and
helping people in 2015. Since that time he has been a practicing massage
therapist, honing his skills all over the state of California. Chris
specializes in both Swedish and Deep Tissue methods, but customizes
his methods to his clients needs.

Image by Elisabeth Wales

About Your Active Office

We are a wellness company, with a mission to help businesses decrease
stress, increase productivity, help prioritize wellness and improve overall
morale for your team members.

We specialize in providing the best licensed therapists, trainers, and
coaches available to provide the quality care your team members
deserve. Whether you are planning a wellness event, a surprise perk for
your team members, or any other type of benefit packages, we will help
build a customized package plan that serves your needs.

Our services not only help relieve stress, but can increase your team
members overall happiness, health and wellness, improving their
productivity for your company.

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